Night Vision Security Camera: Why You Need Them

Night Vision Security Camera: Why You Need Them

Why is night vision needed?

The effectiveness of a security camera is in its resolution power. This camera must have the ability to capture images as clearly as possible, so that when there is a need for footage, the camera will be of assistance.   We advise customers to ensure that they always place security cameras in places that have light so that the image quality is enhanced. However, when we need a security camera at night or during the times when there is no adequate light, installing a night vision security camera is the solution. It has the ability to capture images as well as record videos in dark places and at night. Places that have shadows need these cameras too.

Fulfills security needs

Night vision cameras are ideal for outdoor use. Indeed, most burglaries happen at night because intruders take advantage of the darkness. Our night vision security cameras have infrared LED lights. These lights are able to capture images and record videos in the darkest hours at night. You can sleep without worrying about a break in.

Protection for your office/organization

A night vision security camera is an essential part of your business. An office is usually vacant at night. This creates the need to protect your trade secrets and the organization’s information from intruders. Night vision security cameras have an IR illuminator that allows your security to see exactly what is happening outside the building. There is no need to worry about low quality images at night. The resolution is better suited for this function as it observes the perimeter of an office, even when it’s very dark.   Our night vision security cameras show black and white images when it is dark. During the day, they capture colored images. The best thing about black and white images when it is dark is that they are less grainy and easy to analyze in case of an actual invasion. Additionally, this change of color makes it more effective in noise reduction, and consequently the quality of the image is heightened.   If it is very dark outside at night, you can remove the IR cut filter so that the image sensor can capture clear images when it is completely dark. Our innovative night vision camera will definitely work during the day as well as night. When it gets dark, the camera automatically switches into night mode.

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